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8 thoughts on “ How Does It Feel - DJ Mixwell / Too $hort* - The Tape (Cassette)

  1. Aug 06,  · I don’t recall deriving any pleasure from always having to roll chewed-up tape back into the cassette, but it’s important if you want an analog-world experience with your music.
  2. Apr 09,  · The information, usually sound, from a microphone (but cassette tapes were once used for domestic computer programs) is stored as magnetic fields along a length of thin plastic, the ‘tape’, coated with very finely divided and specially compounded.
  3. The cassette case, or "shell," contains magnetic tape that is cut to pre-set lengths and winds around two spools. The Process The cassette is pushed into the playback area over two special playback heads and two spindles at the bottom, which keep it locked in place.
  4. '80s Magnavox Cassette Radio Boombox: I went to verify the cassette player worked and the tape got stuck, play button was stuck and eject wouldn't work. I opened unit and eventually got buttons unstuck. Now have determined rewind and fast-forward work, the belt turns. In play mode I can see the - '80s Magnavox Cassette Radio Boombox.
  5. The cassette tape was the dominant music format through most of my childhood. The first read-along books I had as a kid were on cassette tape. The first time I ever bought music with my own money.
  6. Or, save your money and get a tape-emulator plug-in. An analog summing mixer is also a good option. Cassette simply won’t be able to deliver the full sound you’re looking for. When to use cassette. That being said, using a cassette deck as an insert in your mix can be a cool way to add a lo-fi effect.
  7. From time to time, cassette tape makes an appearance in the DJ social media sphere. Often it’s the recycling of the Mr Tape video from the olden days of DJing. But from time to time, musical mad scientist Jeremy Bell turns up with advancements on his own take on using cassette tape to make music with. Yes people — the ScrubBoard is back, and this time it’s a quantum leap forward in.
  8. Dec 10,  · Hi guys, Have a Sony TCKs cassette deck for about 10yrs but it's as new and well looked after, heads and rollers clean regularly. Sometimes (for a couple of yrs now) when starting to play a tape the sound goes low and dull intermittently or at times very dull for about a minute or two and then comes back and might continue to do this during 3 or 4 songs.

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